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I’ve added over 20 new tools to my Manga Studio 5 brush set! Pay with a tweet for a sample or reblog for a chance at a free download!

Divided into three categories, inkers, painters, and pencils, these new tools build upon the over 50 previously released brushes and bring the total brush count to more than 75.

This Version 3 set adds inkers, gritty brush pens, dry sumi brushes, water color tools, oil paints, and new real pencil presets.

The included Hairpin Sable brush is my new favorite digital inking tool. It attempts to replicate the full-belly snap of a real sable brush thanks to a tailor-made pressure curve.

The Dry Brush Pen and Gritty Brush Pen variants add analog warmth to your inked lines.

The three new Sumi Brush tools are great for lettering or inking, showing some fade and tooth in their marks.

Five new Watercolor Brush tools add more texture and depth and three new Oil Brush tools add more blending control and range than the stock Manga Studio offerings.

Eight new Real Pencil tools round out the set, emulating a 4H to 6B range of real pencil hardnesses. New Red and Blue Real Pencil variants for layout are also included.

If you’ve purchased my Version 2 set, you can buy just these new tools at a discounted rate. And, if you’re new to my tools, you can buy the full set at a limited time, introductory price:


If you’d like to give some of these brushes a whirl, you can download a sample pack by paying with a tweet!

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    I’ve added over 20 new tools to my Manga Studio 5 brush set! Pay with a tweet for a sample or reblog for a chance at a...
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