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vankrazy: Thank you for your reviews and knowledge in this digital drawing world. I just bought the Yiynova MSP 19U and Manga Studio EX 4 along with your brushes and love them all greatly!!! I do have one question though since I'm new to all this. When I'm drawing my lines aren't very crisp. Not smooth looking. And when I zoom in they almost look pixilated. Is there a setting that I need to address? Maybe to set it up for drawing by hand? Also , when I export the drawing the lines look fine. Thanks!!!

Manga Studio 4 works well at super high resolutions like 1200 dpi with aliased lines. Manga Studio 5 works optimally at slightly lower resolutions with anti-aliased lines by default.

Anti-aliasing may make lines look good on screen, but you’re actually better off with high resolution, jagged lines for print reproduction.

There is a setting in Manga Studio 4 that will smooth and anti-alias the display of lines on your canvas without actually producing anti-aliased lines here: See the check box labeled view quality at the top? I keep mine set to default because, after working with the app sine 2006, I’m just used to it.

I’m glad to hear you dig my brushes and that the MSP19U is working out for you!

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