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Somebody Pinch Me

I’m starting a partnership with Harley-Davidson that, after freelancing for half my adult life, was the first opportunity to leave me speechless while on the phone with a client.

The conversation turned in a way that my seen-it-all, heard every request work-assumptions were entirely flipped. It’s pretty fantastic to be surprised in such a complete way, especially when the use cases of a thousand previous clients left me utterly unprepared.

Today, l leave for Montreal as a part of Harley’s Taste of Freedom Tour. I get to attend a Motorcycle Bootcamp, meet with folks from Harley, and attend UFC 158 (go GSP!). In the coming weeks and months, they’ll be more events, and I’ll even have some merch to giveaway!

Harley’s instructors will teach me to ride and I’ll document the process. After, l get to customize my own Harley, piece by piece.

It’s easy to see why l was left speechless when l got the first call. Harley feels that my work embodies the spirit of their brand and now l get to put my body on one of their bikes! Nutty!

l’ll be sure to post from the events. l’ll need the evidence. lf you could pinch me every so often, that might help too.

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  1. zero-g-adventures said: Awesome! Looking forward to reading about your adventures!
  2. paidesign said: So insane. Enjoy every minute of it!
  3. clamcakes reblogged this from frenden and added:
    :D Holy shit dude that’s incredible! Congrats, you absolutely earned it!
  4. practice-cactus said: Very cool man. Your style does lend itself beautifully to monster and bike culture so I can’t wait to see what you do.
  5. cgronlund reblogged this from frenden and added:
    Congratulations to the mighty Ray Frenden!
  6. cgronlund said: Congratulations, Ray. People I’ve known who worked for them in other ways have loved it. You’re definitely the right artist for the job. Happy for ya, man!
  7. acheronia said: that is so awesome! have fun! :D
  8. bassfanimation said: Dude that is amazing!!! Congrats!!!
  9. nattlestuff said: wow, that is mind-blowing! i wondered about this mystery client ever since you first mentioned it