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Custom Manga Studio 4 Inking & Natural Media Brushes

Download my brushes at a special introductory rate. Reblog for a chance at a free set!

The Brushes

I’ve been using Manga Studio for comic style work since the app was localized and brought to American audiences by SmithMicro in 2006. I’ve always pushed the boundaries of what was primarily an inking app, creating brushes that took the limitations of Manga Studio’s brush engine and smacked them against the wall. I like to make art apps bleed and Manga Studio has been my target of choice.

This set was created over seven years of obsessive iteration. Included are ten custom inking tools and seven natural media tools.

The Work

I’ve used the inking tools on work for clients like Nickelodeon, Burton, and Nike. My Photoshop and Manga Studio brushes are in use by industry professionals such as Dave Gibbons, Cameron Stewart, Bryan Lee O’Malley, and Mike “Gabe” Krahulik, and I suspect you’ll dig them too!

The below videos and accompanying images (and virtually all of the illustrations on my over 2,000 image deep Flickr account) were all created using my custom inking presets.

And the digital painting below was painted entirely in Manga Studio on a full color layer at 600 dpi using the natural media brushes in this set (The primary brushes used were the “Oil” and “Bristle” brush variants included in the download and the initial sketch was drawn with the “Sketching Pencil.”)

Sans Lettering Screenshot for Article...

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