Art Markers and Dry Media Brushes for Manga Studio!

I’m happy to announce new Manga Studio 5 and Clip Paint Art Marker and Dry Media brushes! Get them here! Reblog or RT for a chance at a free set.

Manga Studio has the most amazing brush engine of any drawing app I’ve ever used, but, let’s face it, the default brushes sort of stink. I’ve been using the app since 2006 for professional work as an illustrator for folks like Nike, Burton, and Nickelodeon, and have been working on custom brushes to replace the lackluster defaults the whole time.

I’ve released a starter set with more than 70 brushes, a wash set, and now, through a constant process of iteration, a set of dry brushes and art markers.

An area the default brushes of Manga Studio falter more than any other is with textured, gritty brushes. This set gives your lines analog warmth, injecting them with the random, happy accidents that can make or break a piece.

More sample images: